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Krzysztof - moja historia - Baria3 - Chirurgiczne zmniejszanie żołądka

Patient feedback

I am Krzysztof

My story - sign - Baria3

My name is Krzysztof. I have always been – and still am – an active man. I do not take life as it comes, but I create it myself. Maybe it was a matter of being busy or focusing on more important things, but the fact is that I don't know how and when the pointer on the scale reached 135kg. At first, I downplayed the problem because I had more important challenges and goals in life. However, the longer this condition persisted, the harder it became to fool myself into thinking that the weight was not a problem. Yes, it was – and it was a heavyweight problem. Constant fatigue, shortness of breath when trying to do sports activities, loss of attractiveness and having to start taking medication. I made my decision quickly. I was persuaded by my family doctor, who had been lucky enough to be under the care of the Baria3 team himself. I remembered what it was like just a few months prior to when I had to go in for my next hypertension medication.

Now, one and a half years after my mini gastric bypass operation, I have rediscovered what an active life is all about.  There is no challenge that I would not take on and no force that would stop me in my mad rush through life – a life that I live anew!

Pacjentka Joanna - moja historia - Baria3 - Chirurgiczne zmniejszanie żołądka

Patient feedback

I am Joanna

My story - sign - Baria3

Have you ever wondered where femininity begins and where it ends? When I started to consider the possibility of surgical treatment for my obesity, the pointer on the scale had reached almost 130kg. I started to feel that despite accepting my imperfections, my weight was becoming an obstacle to living an active life, to having a family and to my self-image.  No, I didn't sit in front of the TV all day with a packet of crisps – I made hundreds of attempts; on my own, with dieticians, diabetologists and personal trainers. I yoyoed between losing weight and gaining it. A lot of work and poor results led me to look for alternative solutions because I really wanted to regain my fitness and health. A team of fantastic specialists came to my aid. 

I underwent gastric sleeve surgery at the end of June 2019. Never believe that bariatric surgeries are a shortcut – they aren't. In fact, they require iron discipline from the patient and cooperation with doctors, nutritionists and psychologists. The process of losing weight is not magic with a scalpel (as usually written on internet forums), it is learning to live from scratch – eating, movement, taking care of your body and working on yourself. It is a constant training against one's own weaknesses but is also a great joy of the progress one achieves. 


Today, I weigh 43kg less. I have the homestretch ahead of me and am aware that my goal is even more within reach than before.  

After 9 months, I no longer suffer from any of the comorbidities that were an additional indication for the resection procedure. My blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and insulin levels are perfect. I no longer suffer from back or knee pain, and my hormonal disorders and PCOS have disappeared. 


If someone asked me today whether I would make the decision to have the operation again, I would say yes without any hesitation!


In the whole process of obesity treatment, it is the path that counts – not the destination. With the support of the Baria3 Team, my destination gives me a sense of support and security...

Pacjentka Patrycja - moja historia - Baria3 - Chirurgiczne zmniejszanie żołądka

Patient feedback

I am Patrycja

My story - sign - Baria3

Since childhood, my weight easily increased and only went down with draconian diets. The lowest was around 80kg as I can't remember ever weighing 60kg (at my height of 160cm). The frustrations of the constant struggle made me finally decide to change that once and for all. Your mental state is one thing when you can't look yourself in the mirror your whole life – even at the gym – but the medical aspect is probably worse as I have struggled with hypertension and insulin resistance for many years. Today marks 5 years since my operation. Once again, I would like to thank you very much for giving me the chance. 

My weight has “dropped” from 101kg to 63kg and is still stable. Thanks to the whole team, activity, healthy choices, lots of colours and smiles have all returned to my life.


original Programme

We are a group of professionals united by our professional passion. We know that by acting as a team, we provide you with comprehensive care. We have joined our forces to support you on your way to a light life. Baria3 is an initiative that was created with the needs of patients in mind. We combine the work of a surgeon, dietician and psychologist. We cure the soul and body of obesity, individually selecting a treatment programme for our clients. During your consultation with one of our surgeons, you will learn about all the options for bariatric treatment and the type of treatment that will be chosen specifically for you.

During dietetic meetings, you will learn how to establish healthy eating habits correctly, effectively and permanently. A psychologist will show you how to find the motivation to change. Baria3 is a team with whom you will make your dreams of a light life come true.
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Bariatric consultation with a surgeon

If you are thinking about surgical treatment of obesity, make an appointment with one of our surgeons. During the first visit, the doctor will assess the degree of obesity and make note of any history of concomitant diseases or complications related to obesity. You will receive information on possible treatment methods and will be pre-qualified for the bariatric surgery of your choice. You will receive information about your health so that further treatment is as safe as possible.

Diagnostics and preparation

We offer our patients a full diagnostic package, including the necessary examinations and specialist consultations required for safe surgery.  

Typical diagnostic plan:

  • dietary consultation 
  • psychological consultation  
  • cardiology consultation (with echocardiography) 
  • pulmonary consultation (with spirometry test) 
  • endocrinological consultation  
  • consultation of a gastroenterologist with gastroscopic examination under general anaesthesia 
  • abdominal ultrasound 
  •  chest X-ray  
  • complete panel of blood biochemical tests 

The entire diagnosis is coordinated by an experienced internal medicine specialist together with your attending surgeon.

Treatment starts as early as the diagnostic stage. The dietician establishes a nutrition plan to prepare you for the big change after surgery and to achieve initial weight loss with a reduction in the level of fat in the liver. S/he also carries out nutrition education covering the principles of proper nutrition before and after the operation. At the same time, your consulting psychologist will equip you with the psychological tools needed to help you face the transition ahead.

Pre-operative period (approx. 30 days)

You follow a nutritional plan. If recommended, you also continue to meet with a psychologist. The attending physician is in constant contact with you so that you are fully prepared for the operation.


After a period of several weeks following the completion of the diagnostics, you will be admitted to the Surgical Department. The standard stay in our hospital is 4 days:

  • Day 1 – admission to hospital, preparation of necessary documentation. Having the most recent biochemical tests done. Discussion and signing of consent for surgery with the surgeon. Consultation of the anaesthetist.
  • Day 2 – the operation takes place between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., depending on the surgical plan. After the operation, you will spend the rest of the day and night in the observation room under the care of qualified medical and nursing staff. You will start drinking small amounts of water on the day of surgery.
  • Day 3 – the start of your recovery. Based on your surgical assessment and biochemical tests, we will evaluate your health status and recovery progress. Another dietary consultation, during which you will receive recommendations for the postoperative period (4 weeks).
  • Day 4 – again, based on surgical assessment and biochemical tests, we will assess your health and recovery progress. Inclusion of oral diet. Discharge. 


After the completion of surgical treatment, we remain in constant contact with our patients via telephone and email. In addition, we meet for follow-up appointments: 

  • First visit one month after surgery. Assessment of recovery, initial assessment of weight loss. Review of follow-up laboratory tests, assessment of vitamin levels, blood morphology and other biochemical tests (among others). 
  • Also, after one month (usually on the day of the surgical consultation), a follow-up dietary and psychological consultation takes place.
  • During the first year, we will meet every 3 months or so. During follow-up appointments, we will monitor your health and ensure that your recovery is safe. 


Distinguishing features of the programme

  • Comprehensive patient care
    Each patient receives comprehensive care from our coordinator and team of specialists. This ensures an individual approach to the patient and creates a genuine relationship that makes you feel safe. Our specialists accompany you throughout the entire treatment process.
  • Pre- and post-operative support
    The original Light Life programme is a comprehensive and complete patient care programme – from qualification through diagnostics, preparation period, surgery and convalescence, to the stabilisation period. During this time, a doctor, dietician and psychologist will prepare you and guide you through the entire process of surgical treatment of obesity.
  • Daily limit of operations
    We realise that we operate on people and that the operating theatre is not a conveyor belt in a factory. Therefore, for your safety, our surgeons perform no more than four surgical procedures per day. A lack of restrictions on the number of surgical procedures usually leads to higher complication rates for patients.
  • Experienced team of surgeons
    Our surgeons are excellent specialists who have carried out hundreds of bariatric surgical procedures. As well as revision procedures, the team is experienced in performing sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and mini bypass procedures. Improving qualifications is a priority for us, which is why we obligatorily participate in the biggest bariatric conferences and workshops every year.




  • Katarzyna Walas - dietetyk bariatryczny Baria3

    Katarzyna Walas

  • Michał Krefft - lekarz chirurg bariatra Baria3

    Michał Krefft

    General surgery specialist
  • Rafał Mulek - lekarz chirurg bariatra Baria3

    Rafał Mulek

    General and vascular surgery specialist
EuroMediCare we Wrocławiu - budynek Baria3




“EuroMediCare” in Wrocław is a multi-specialty hospital with an outpatient clinic. Since 2002 it has been offering minimally invasive and safe diagnostic and surgical methods to patients from Poland and those from across Europe. It is a modern facility which offers its patients high-quality medical services.

There are four air-conditioned operating rooms in our operating theatre. We also have an endoscopy laboratory and a diagnostic imaging department equipped with the latest medical equipment and an integrated IT network. Our bariatric patients are offered rooms with private bathrooms, TVs and Internet access.

The hospital is staffed by experienced specialists of various medical disciplines and a highly-skilled nursing team and clinical support workers. The Ministry of Health confirmed the high-quality of our services by granting the Department of General Surgery the right to perform medical services in the field of general surgery. We were also granted the right to conduct training in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy by the Society of Polish Surgeons.

EMC Hospital’s strength lies in its multidiscipline character and 24/7 medical care services provided by qualified medical and nursing staff, which significantly increases the safety of patients staying on the ward after surgery and of those who have already been discharged from the hospital.

Our bariatric team consists of experienced specialists in dietetics, psychology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, anaesthesiology and, lastly, surgery. Thanks to our staff we are able to provide comprehensive treatment of obesity and ensure that our patients achieve long-lasting and spectacular results they expect.

Moreover, our bariatric surgeons specialise not only in general surgery, but also in vascular and oncologic surgery, which truly affects the quality of the surgeries we perform.

10 years

of surgical experience


bariatric surgeries per year


patients operated on


perioperative care 


days in hospital after surgery


diagnostic tests


number of reoperations


specialists during consultations


Wondering if you qualify for obesity treatment? Find out the stories of our patients – it's likely that one of them is yours.
  • Adam, 26 years old, BMI 43. No other diseases.
    I am a young person and basically, if it were not for the fact that I am obese, I would have no reason to complain about my health. It is true, my BMI has long exceeded 40 but, apart from that, I don't suffer from anything else. My family and friends have grown accustomed to my appearance and tell me not to worry because I'm a nice person anyway. What they don't know is that my smile is often forced and my weight simply limits my daily activities.
    Until recently, I was a slim woman. My husband used to laugh that one day I would be blown away by the wind. Unfortunately, that is now just a memory. Since the birth of my second child five years ago, my weight has only increased. Despite my best intentions, I have not been able to reverse this process. When the pointer on the scale exceeded 100kg for the first time, I was terrified. Today, I weigh 105kg, 170cm tall and I have been taking tablets for hypertension and insulin resistance for 2 years. My husband comforts me: “It's only 2 pills and 100kg is not 150kg!” But what does it matter if the current me is not the real me...
  • Jan, 66 years old, BMI 54. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, knee arthritis.
    “Old age is no joy, youth is not eternity”. It's true, but I didn't expect to enter my sixth decade weighing 150kg, a dozen illnesses and a handful of tablets. Doctors, who I have been visiting all too often for the last few years, tell me that it's my fault because all I need to do is lose weight and I will be a slim and healthy man again. Unfortunately, apart from empty words, nobody can tell me how to do this.
  • Maria, 45 years old, BMI 31. Type 2 diabetes
    I am an active woman. People like me are referred to as a ‘businesswoman’. I am still active in sport although, I admit, it is getting more and more difficult. With my weight – 95kg and a height of 175cm, I still have something to say on the squash court but, unfortunately, I had to give up running. I developed type 2 diabetes 10 years ago when I weighed 85kg. It's a common disease in my family, so nobody really worried about it. But I do. Oral medication and daily insulin injections are not so bad – you get used to it. But I do not know if it is necessary. Besides, I think that if I shed 20kg, I could get back to running again.
  • Krzysztof, 52 years old, BMI today: 34,
    My life is a constant struggle with my weight. It started in a typical way. There was a grandmother and her beloved grandson. Even then, they called me "fatty". I finished primary school with a very good result and a weight of 103kg. After that, the weight only increased. When I got married, my wife took responsibility for my weight loss. Diet, slimming holidays, diet again, personal trainer etc. That's how I started the ‘yo-yo’ pattern. Once down, once up. Last year 145kg, now 110kg. My wife says it's a success but she doesn't understand my fatigue with this constant swing and the effort I put into my "success". Today, my BMI is 34 but so what if it goes up again tomorrow.
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Which bariatric surgery is the best for you? How much does obesity surgical treatment cost? Where to start and what does the path to a light life look like? Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our patients.


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The BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator is a quick and convenient method to calculate your own body mass index. This index is used to determine the severity of obesity as well as to assess the risk of developing diseases associated with excessive body weight. The higher the degree of obesity, the higher the risk of obesity complications is, unfortunately.

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  • 40 above
    3rd degree obesity
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