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Operacyjne leczenie otyłości - jaka dieta przed operacją?
Operative treatment of obesity - what diet before surgery?
- | 19.08.2021 | 5 minutes
There are many reasons why dietary preparation for bariatric surgery is essential. A proper diet before surgery will help with weight reduction, which consequently reduces the risk of potential complications during as well as after surgery. Importantly, an important part of preparing for surgery is shrinking the liver and reducing abdominal fat, which is achieved with proper dietary recommendations.

What is the dietary preparation for bariatric surgery?


Dietary preparation for bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass) begins a minimum of 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery date and is an integral part of the surgical treatment of obesity.


Najczęstsze powody przejścia na dietę przed operacją bariatryczną


Istnieje wiele powodów, dla których przygotowanie dietetyczne do operacji bariatrycznej jest niezbędne. Właściwa dieta przed operacją pomoże w redukcji masy ciała, co w konsekwencji zmniejsza ryzyko ewentualnych powikłań w trakcie, jak i po zabiegu. Co istotne, ważnym elementem przygotowania do operacji jest obkurczenie wątroby i zmniejszenie ilości tkanki tłuszczowej w jamie brzusznej, co osiąga się stosując odpowiednie zalecenia żywieniowe.

Wprowadzenie i realizowanie planu żywieniowego przed zabiegiem z całą pewnością ułatwi kontynuacje zdobytych zdrowych nawyków żywieniowych - regularność spożywania posiłków czy właściwe nawadnianie – po operacji. Chirurgiczne leczenie otyłości to droga, w trakcie której następuje zmiana stylu życia. Dzięki zastosowaniu planu żywieniowego przed operacją, wyzwania, z którymi trzeba zmierzyć się po zabiegu są znacznie prostsze i łatwiejsze do pokonania.


How to follow the dietary guidelines before bariatric surgery?


The model of nutrition before surgery is a high-protein, low-calorie diet, with a limited supply of carbohydrates. Protein plays an extremely important role already in the process of preparation for surgery - it speeds up metabolism, protects muscle mass.  It is, among others, thanks to an adequate supply of protein that the body is properly prepared for surgery and the postoperative recovery period. Despite the many benefits of a preoperative diet, for many people its implementation can be a challenge.

How to motivate yourself to diet before bariatric surgery - 5 tips from Baria3


Here are 5 useful tips to encourage you to implement your diet while preparing for surgery.


dieta przed operacją - nasze wskazówki

1. Think of the benefits

Typically, by following a diet before surgery, people preparing for surgery lose about 10kg. Implementing the pre-surgery guidelines greatly helps with the introduction of dietary principles after surgery. These principles include: eating regularly, hydration, protein as a priority on the plate, limiting fat and carbohydrate intake, and nutritional supplementation.

2. Find a support group in your area or online

Implementing a diet before surgery can be a significant challenge, so seek support from others who have gone through this journey or are in the process of doing so. Find a group in the area where you live or search for one on social media or message boards. We also invite you to our community's profile @lekkiezycie association, where you can find answers to many of your questions and ask about the experiences of other people who have decided to undergo surgical treatment for obesity.

3. Compose recipes similar to your favorite foods

Look for recipe options that follow the pre-surgical diet rules while being similar to your favorite foods, or modify familiar and well-liked recipes to meet the designated recommendations . Don't be afraid to try something new, either. You may discover hitherto unknown products and dishes, which will help you follow your dietary plan and prepare deliciously for surgery at the same time.

4. Exercise, but also meditation

Exercise and meditation can help improve your physical and mental well-being. These activities will help overcome food cravings and allow you to focus on improving both your nutritional status and overall health before bariatric surgery

5. Remember why you are doing this

Proper diet before surgery is an integral part of surgical treatment for obesity. Its purpose is to prepare you for surgery and make the surgeons' job easier. The diet will not only help you start building new, healthy eating habits. It will also shrink your liver and prepare your body for the challenges that await you after surgery. Your recovery will be shorter, and you will safely embark on your journey to a light life.




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