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8 wskazówek, które pozwolą Ci dobrze przygotować się do operacji bariatrycznej
8 tips to help you prepare well for bariatric surgery
- | 13.08.2021 | 3 minutes
Are you considering surgery? Or perhaps you already have your surgery date set? Learn about some effective ways to safely prepare for bariatric surgery.

What will you learn about?

Weight loss surgery is a life changing event and the road to healthier living with a slimmer physique is a long one. Surgical obesity treatment is the most effective way to permanently change your physical, mental and emotional well-being. In order to prepare for changes, there are some steps you can take to before starting your journey. Your commitment before surgery will help you get back in shape in a safe and convenient way.


How to prepare well for bariatric surgery?

Below you will find 8 tips to help you prepare well for the surgery.

1.       Visit our website, follow us on social media, attend support group meetings, join our closed support group on Facebook and ask questions to our past patients. Our community of patients online can help answer questions you may have and they will give you real and honest feedback.

2.       Start making changes to your diet. Try to quit snacking. Focus on eating regularly. Fill your plate with protein and veggies. Try to reduce or eliminate high carbohydrate foods, fast foods, caffeine, and sugar.

3.       Start tracking your food and water intake. Keep a food diary to track what you eat and drink each day, get a better understanding of your current eating habits and indicate the areas where you can improve your diet. That way, it will be easier to create an action plan to help you achieve your goals. There are many phone apps out there that can help you do this.

4.       Drink more water: this is something many patients struggle with after surgery. Focus on trying to drink 2 litres of water every day and make sure you aren’t drinking empty calories. Limit high calorie beverages, alcohol, juice, and energy drinks.  Eliminate caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Stop drinking liquids with your meals and wait 30 minutes after a meal before drinking.

5.       Find an exercise plan that works for you: If you don’t currently exercise, start small and create a workout routine.  Any physical activity should be adapted to your fitness level. You can take a walk, walk up and down your stairs at home, do chair exercises, or ride  stationary bike while watching TV. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy doing and stay consistent.

6.       Change your relationship with food: stop eating your feelings, do not think of food as a reward or a punishment. Think of eating as fuel for your body. Our body needs nutritious wholesome food in order to have enough energy to do day-to-day tasks. Make sure to eat mindfully! Focus on eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly.

7.       If you smoke or use tobacco/nicotine products, try to quit smoking. Smoking tobacco and nicotine products affects how the body heals after surgery. It has also been proven that smoking dramatically increases the risk of complications during and after surgery. Additionally, smoking makes it harder for your body to heal after surgery because it decreases the amount of oxygen delivered to your cells.

8.       Focus on your mental and emotional health: Make sure you are emotionally and mentally ready to make this change in your life. Ask yourself why you want to have bariatric surgery or what factors have contributed to your excess weight? You may also want to create a support system for yourself that will help you make positive healthy decisions. Find new hobbies that you enjoy that don’t involve food. Set some goals for yourself and remember – small steps lead to healthier living with a slimmer physique!

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